Cover image of Villa Brescia with the main elevation
glazed volumes for a privileged view of nature

This modern villa overlooking Lake Iseo, is placed in a location that is nothing short of spectacular. In a green area, surrounded by water and hills that act as both its setting and protection, the house draws its primary strength from the impressive landscape that surrounds it.

Freshness and simplicity of its construction lines emerge from the nature that envelops it, in a reciprocal exchange of beauty and reflexes. Natural materials, gray stone of floors and façades, combined with the white color of plaster and windows, highlight the innovative and modern design chosen by the designer. The full volume of walls and that of transparent and permeable glazings combine into a spectacular solution, giving life to environments full of light and spaces where visual and material wellbeing are in first place.

View of the facade of the villa with the white lacquered windows
Glass wall of the living area with full-height fixings and white lacquered lift and slide
Villa Brescia, vista dell'angolo vetrato
External view of the lift and slide with two white lacquered doors with built-in fixings
Villa Brescia, external view of the glazed corner
Internal view of the lift and slide with two white lacquered doors and of the built-in fixed
skyline minimal frames and villa brescia

The innovative sliding system Skyline Minimal Frames, composed of a embedded bottom track, guarantees an effective insulating capacity, protecting the mechanisms from any interference. White color, in combination with minimal profiles, gives this villa a sense of simplicity, lightness and absolute elegance.

All finishes, chosen in accordance with customer needs, can be in wood or wood/aluminium, externally protecting the window and thus ensuring duration and functionality over time. Continuity between inside and outside, emphasized by a glazed corner of the living zone, is the main and among the most exciting features of the entire project.

Closed horizontal pivot window of the kitchen
Kitchen horizontal pivot window
View of the window in the bathroom
View of the white lacquered lift and slide with built-in fixed
View of the sliding aluminium brise soleil
Villa Brescia, night view of the main façade