Overall view of Villa Livorno

clinging to the cliff, between the sky and the sea

Villa Livorno is located in a very unusual place, hidden from the view of the main road, the house is adjacent to a cliff above the Tyrrhenian Sea, from where a breathtaking view opens. The classic seaside holiday home is transformed into an exclusive refuge, away from the crowds and noise, and in close contact with the surrounding nature. Arranged on the small terraces, the building is spread over several floors, in this way making the best use of the little space. The main view is facing west – towards the sea, but each opening is designed according to the environment, and even from the smallest window you can enjoy a magnificent view of the landscape.

On the first level accessible from the street we can see the flat roof with a welcoming terrace-solarium; on the lower floor there is the living area, a large open space and a small terrace; below and closer to the sea, there is a secluded sleeping area. Going up the cliff, not far from the main house, there is a small building with another bedroom and a small outdoor area with a swimming pool.

Aerial view of the cliff with Villa Livorno
View of the Skyline white lacquered lift and slide with two doors
View of the elevation overlooking the sea with roof terrace, Skyline lift and slide and fixed glazing
View of the terrace with the main access to Villa Livorno
View of the balcony overlooking the sea
View of the elevation of Villa Livorno overlooking the sea
Top view of Villa Livorno

skyline minimal frames and villa livorno

The entrance is characterized by a glass door with two fixed side windows, that provide the best possible lighting. The Skyline Minimal Frames system allows the thickness of the wooden profiles to be reduced to a minimum, thus giving them a light and essential appearance. Behind the entrance to the room there is a large sliding balcony door with an almost invisible and essential frame. Skyline Sliding in white lacquered fir blends with the wall and perfectly frames the surrounding landscape thanks to the thickness of only 37 mm. The specially designed handle emphasizes the linearity of the profile and, as a purely functional element, becomes an important design detail.

View on Skyline front door with fixed side light
Detail of the through handle of the Skyline entrance door
Internal view of the Skyline lift and slide in the living area
Detail of the Skyline lift and slide door in the living area
Detail of the Skyline Handle
View of the windows on the stairs
View of the lift and slide door with two white lacquered sashes
Interior view of a Skyline casement window with architraves

For the small outbuilding, the owner has chosen a type of window from a more traditional line, but no less efficient from a functionality point of view. The two lift and slide doors of the Klima 80 Slim collection adapt to any style of construction, constituting a valid alternative for those environments that do not require a minimal profile.

Detail of the Klima 80 Slim lift and slide with two doors, window size
View of the outbuilding of Villa Livorno
Lift and slide Klima 80 Slim, internal view
View of the outbuilding with lift and slide Klima 80 Slim