Front view of the villa with Euro 68 and Skyline windows
build a place, inhabit the form

A former rural building and an inspired renovation project: Villa Parma affirms itself in the Emilian countryside with its new identity, while maintaining the ancient one. It is sufficient to observe the existing perimeter determined by concrete frame that, like a thread, sews the old brick construction to the new interior and exterior spaces, creating a sequence of places intended for today’s use. The present, the past and the future of the construction are linked by an architectural vision that respects the existing environment and opens to modernity: thanks to this, the project is an opportunity to accomplish the revival of the house, while preserving its soul intact.

Image of Villa Parma inserted in the natural context
Front view of the entrance door in custom oak wood
View of the elevation with Euro 68 fixed glazing and Skyline windows
View of the side facade in bricks with windows and fixed glass windows in oak wood
View of the elevation with concrete frames and detail of the fixed glass Euro 68
Front view of the Euro 68 fixed glass window in oak with natural finish

Tailor-made quality and meticulous attention to detail are revealed in all its nuances, from European oak furniture to fabric upholstered perimeter walls. The design of doors and windows makes no exception: highly customizable products, capable of expressing at best the guideline concept of “framing the space”. Each portico, wall or opening directs the eye towards a particular view, framing the landscape to create an always different content.

View of the outdoor patio of Villa Parma with lift and slide Euro 68
Front view of the kitchen with fixed wooden glazing
View of the internal wall of a room covered with boiserie, with a single oak window
View of the bathroom with single leaf window on the back wall
Image of the Euro 68 fixed glass window with a play of reflections
Internal view of the staircase with natural effect oak fixed windows
skyline minimal frames and villa parma

New floor-to-ceiling windows play with the existing volumes, expanding the internal space towards the patio and the garden.

The design of the windows is conceived to integrate with the existing context: oak timber recalls warm colors of the masonry, while narrow and pure window profile approaches the concrete frame, elegantly emphasizing its structure. The Skyline Minimal Frames collection chosen by architect Di Gregorio represents the point of union between the two materials, between the full and the empty, the inside and the outside, the three-dimensional space and the linearity of the frame, the shadow and the light.

View of the elevation at sunset, detail of a fixed glass window and the sliding door in oak
Evening view with fixed glass and illuminated Skyline windows
Black and white image of the façade of Villa Parma with fixed glass in the foreground