Vista al tramonto di Villa Piacenza

rural and modern architecture

Set against a variegated backdrop of Piacenza hills, Villa Piacenza blends perfectly with the surrounding scenery that recognizes it as its integral and genuine part. This sober villa reproduces the typical shapes of rural constructions scattered across the countryside, and namely a simple and compact building, almost monolithic in its essentiality.

The surrounding garden is designed by Studio Antonio Perazzi: each species has been carefully selected to reproduce the biodiversity of the local landscape through a spontaneous and poetic mix of colours and natural materials. The varieties of plants immerse the outdoor spaces in an uninterrupted aesthetic and sensory dialogue.

View of the garden in front of the house
View of the north-west and south-west elevations of Villa Piacenza
View of the outdoor pedestrian entrance area
Facade with four-leaf Skyline entrance door and transom window
View of the driveway
View of the northeast and southeast elevations of Villa Piacenza
Northeast elevation with closed shutters
View of the villa immersed in the Piacenza landscape

The guiding concept of this project, developed by architect Geert Koster, is sustainability. We find it at the heart of all choices, from the position of the house to its orientation, from the selection of natural or recycled materials to the layout of interior spaces, in the spirit of simplicity and linearity.

External cladding made of larch slats – natural, yet contemporary material – perfectly complements the existing context and colours. Lava stone tiles mark the entrances, creating pleasing chromatic contrasts with gravel surfaces and interior concrete floors featuring quartz coating.

External view of the room openings with lift and slide
Side elevation with raised terrace and fixed square window
Side elevation with raised terrace
View of the space outside the bedrooms
Rear elevation with Skyline double-leaf French window and transom window
Rear elevation with closed antoni
Detail of the window of the service bathroom

skyline minimal frames and villa piacenza

If on the outside Villa Piacenza looks like a traditional building, once inside, you can appreciate all its innate modernity. The rooms are fluidly positioned along a distribution axis, which crosses the building longitudinally, visually connecting the two entrances on its minor elevations.

White fir wood windows and doors of the Skyline Minimal Frames collection feature the same colour of the whitewashed walls and exposed trusses, creating a truly minimalistic and sober effect. Two or four leaf entrance doors with fanlights, as well as lift & slide doors of the rooms, fully respect the essential character of the entire project, adding a touch of beauty and quality that seems born together with the house itself.

View of the corridor in the sleeping area with a four-leaf French door in the background
Detail of the opening of a bedroom with Skyline lift and slide
View of the corridor in the sleeping area with Skyline double door in the background
View of the sliding door of a bedroom of the villa
View of the private bathroom of one of the bedrooms of the villa
Detail of the service bathroom in the living area

The sill of the fixed window in the living area can be used as a place to arrange objects, a comfy seat and as a preferred point for a panoramic view on the surrounding nature. Coated on the outside with a protective anthracite paint, the square frame interrupts the continuity of the vertical wooden façade and provides a stunning view over the evocative landscape, framing it with elegance.

High performance Skyline system structural glazing complies with the high energy-efficiency standards set by the architect. Villa orientation, wall stratigraphy and the choice of windows and doors were the key factors to the success of the project as a whole.

View of the fixed square window of the living area
Entrance with door open at sunset
Sunset view of the southeast and southwest elevations
Sunset view of the building
Sunset view of the rear facade
Night view of the rear elevation
Evening view of the villa with illuminated garden