Cover image of Villa Salerno with the main facade
like an english country villa

This house in the province of Salerno seems unusual to us and features a typical English style. From the photos we can see a large two-floor country house, where bow windows and real rooms interrupt the rigid structure of the house to reach out to the garden, in a direct dialogue with the vegetation that covers the edges.

The white lacquered doors and windows are characterized by the crosspieces, wooden profiles that divide the glass into smaller squares; walls in creamy-white color give uniformity to the whole and are naturally bonded to the details in brick, visible wooden beams and the roof covered in terracotta.

Villa Salerno, bifold with duplex
Villa Salerno, front elevation
Villa Salerno, closed bifold front view
Villa Salerno, patio internal view
Villa Salerno, internal view
Villa Salerno, closed bifold internal view
Villa Salerno, bifold front view
Villa Salerno, corner detail
skyline minimal frames and villa salerno

Skyline Minimal Frames collection with white lacquered finish makes the openings of this villa unique. The lightness of the bifold doors provide the covered patio with an airy and elegant appearance: the crosspieces add a precious detail, as well as a valid support to the rigidity of the window.

Villa Salerno, patio internal view
Villa Salerno, entrance door detail
Villa Salerno, patio view
Villa Salerno, bifold detail
Villa Salerno, open bifold