16 meters of total opening

Front view of a folding door with wooden profile

Skyline Bifold door allows larger openings than any other window. The complete opening creates sicteen meters of fully open space, without any obstacle between the interior and the exterior of your home. It can be realized with up to 16 shutters with a maximum width of 1 meter and a weight of kg 100 each. The extraordinary technical performances of this frame make the product perfect for someone who wants to obtain a continuity between internal and external space, creating openings of large dimensions.

bifold system and tailor-made details

The lightness of the bifolding doors provide the house with an airy and elegant appearance. The bifolding system, the hardware and the handles designed ad hoc, enable even the largest sashes to slide open and close smoothly, with a simple and effortless gesture.

Detail of the internal handle installed on a bifold window
Detail of the internal handle installed on a bifold window
Skyline Bifold, detail one
Skyline Bifold, detail five
Skyline Bifold, detail two
Skyline Bifold, detail four

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