Cover image of Villa Vicenza with glazed corner
a natural style, simple yet effective

Immersed in the green of the Vicenza countryside, this villa is a perfect harmony of styles, colors and textures.

The exteriors integrate with the green surroundings in a natural balance. The stone cladding in light colors blends with the vegetation, providing a simple yet traditional look to the house. Inside, on the other hand, we find warm and man-sized ambiences, where natural materials alternate with design furnishings, through skillful and comfortable interactions.

View of the main elevation with windows and fixed Skyline
View of the back of Villa Vicenza with garden
View of the porch with recessed glass windows
Detail of the roof of the villa
skyline minimal frames and villa vicenza

The type of window frame chosen for this villa respects the characteristics of simplicity and linearity of the architectural project. This is the Skyline Minimal Frames collection in lacquered white color variant, its most elegant version. Pay attention to how it is combined with the walls: the lacquered wood profile becomes the continuation of the wall, an almost invisible frame to the large windows. The focal point of the house is undoubtedly the fixed frame of the living area, a spectacular glass corner that extends over the garden.

View of the kitchen with white lacquered flush to the wall windows
View of the kitchen and dining area with fixed and flush-to-the-wall white lacquered windows
View of the living area with two fixed windows
Detail of the recessed glass corner of the living area
Upper detail of the glazed corner
Detail of the recessed glazed corner with black back-lacquering

The villa has two other “hidden” but very useful details: the motorized blackout blinds placed inside the window frame and the bottom rail embedded in the floor of the Skyline Sliding lift and slide windows. The latter guarantees maximum smoothness of sliding with the minimum possible visual impact.

View of the lift and slide door and fixed
Detail of the sash of the lift and slide and of the embedded bottom track
Detail of the Skyline Sliding embedded bottom track
Interior view of two Skyline windows
External view of the windows with blackout curtains
View of two fixed windows
View of the bathroom with Skyline window one sash