Cover image of Villa Ostuni with a view of the main façade
an elegant escape in the apulian countryside, a place to live

Essential geometric shapes, organized in a balanced composition, are the stylistic hallmark of Villa Ostuni: a modern-looking house, built using traditional construction materials of Puglia. White plaster decorated façades enriched by dry stone cladding in ivory tones, stand out against a strongly rural landscape. Olive trees and red earth frame the construction, enhancing its formal elegance by contrast.

North-facing C-shaped layout of the house provides the rooms with the best possible sun exposure. The small windows of the south facade filter sunlight and summer heat, ensuring maximum natural comfort; on the other hand, large north-facing lift and slide openings provide the ideal supply of fresh air and brightness for a house that is dedicated to both, leisure and work.

View of the rear facade with swimming pool
View of the entrance of Villa Ostuni with sliding doors in the background
View of the external patio with lift and slide doors with two asymmetrical sashes in dark fir
skyline minimal frames and villa ostuni

For small and large openings, the architects chose windows and doors of our Skyline Minimal Frames collection, featuring particularly elegant and narrow timber profile.

Dark etched fir timber is clearly distinguished from the light colors of the walls, emphasizing the window space with a graphic and decisive gesture. An intense color is also used for the furnishings, which stand out on a paving made of stone slabs for the exteriors, and of smooth concrete for the interiors.

Facade of Villa Ostuni with vitrum-effect patio door
Rear elevation view with Skyline single-sash windows
View of the kitchen with Skyline Door and sliding door with two asymmetrical sashes