View of the living space of Villa Pisa with wooden lift and slide doors
a buen retiro in the green of the tuscan hills

Villa Pisa has all the features of a perfect holiday home. Everywhere you look, enjoyable textures of plowed fields, neatly ordered vineyards and pinewoods, welcome the visitor and communicate an immediate sense of relaxation.

The large open space of the living area featuring large openings has been designed to enhance the perception of continuity with the outside, in a contemporary yet comfortable solution. The tailor-made furniture designed by the architect merges with the construction, creating ergonomic spaces dedicated to distinct functions.

View of the main elevation of Villa Pisa with swimming pool
View of the side elevation with two Skyline Sliding lift and slide doors
External view of the French window with closed iron grating
External view of the lift and slide in oak wood with natural finish
Internal view of the two-door lift and slide of the study area
Detail of the main façade with sliding doors
skyline minimal frames and villa pisa

The design concept found its true interpretation in lift and slide doors of the Skyline Minimal Frames collection: essential lines and pure shapes.

The wooden profile of only 37 mm emphasizes the openings in a harmonious and pure manner, framing the beautiful landscape with grace and elegance. The chosen wood essence, oak with natural finish, fits perfectly with the color chosen for the walls and gives rise to an interesting contrast with the dark color of the walls.

View of the open space with lift and slide doors in oak with a natural finish
View of the living space of Villa Pisa with wooden lift and slide doors
View of the lift and sliding door with two doors in the kitchen area of Villa Pisa
View of the fixed and closed lift and slide of the study area
View of the fixed window of the living area of Villa Pisa
View of the fixed and open sliding door of the study area
View of the guest room of Villa Pisa with two closed single-leaf French windows

Both beauty and functionality of the system distinguish the solution adopted for mosquito nets and anti-theft grills. When necessary, profiled timber panels of the mosquito nets and iron grills, light yet resistant, accompanied by a simple gesture, effortlessly slide into the wall.

External view of the wooden lift and slide with lateral sliding mosquito net
External view of the sliding lift of the living area with mosquito net and iron grate sliding sideways
Double sash patio door in the bedroom of Villa Pisa
Patio door with closed grating in the bedroom
Single sash bathroom window open
View of the single-door bathroom window with mosquito net and iron grating
View of two internal sliding doors in aluminum and glass