the pivot that makes the difference

Internal view of the vertical pivot door with two fixed

Pivot opening represents the minimalist window par excellence. With the possibility of inward or outward opening and a sophisticated concealed pivot system, the vertical pivot window shows the most elegant side of the Skyline Minimal Frames collection. The sash can reach up to 2 meters in width and 4 meters in height; the maximum weight allowed is 800 kg.

The vertical Pivot Door adds prestige to any room in which it is palced. Its main elements are reduced to the essentials, making it suitable for any situation. In the Skyline Vitrum version, thin wooden profile is joined with a glass sheet, giving life to a prestigious product of a refined design.

skyline pivot horizontal version

Skyline Pivot with horizontal opening is the most functional solution for large openings. This system offers the possibility to have a unique large opening with great panoramic impact, characterized by pure and essential design, particularly appropriate for environments that need flexible ventilation. The opening allows a rotation up to 15° for air circulation and up to 360° for cleaning and maintenance operations. Its maximum dimensions are 3 meters in width and 1,5 meters in height; the maximum weight allowed is 300 kg.

Front view of a wooden hinged window with a natural finish
View of the open space with horizontal pivot window
Kitchen horizontal pivot window

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