Facade of Villa Costa Smeralda, image cover
a bright oasis in costa smeralda

Situated in the hinterland of Golfo Aranci, with a splendid view over one of the most characteristic bays of Costa Smeralda, this villa emerges as a bright and sophisticated oasis.
White and linear volumes of its west façade welcome the visitor and are interspersed with natural stone–clad portions and highlighted by low and variegated vegetation that accompanies us at the entrance. Beyond the wide pivot door clad in corten, an extraordinary panorama unravel before you: large glazed surfaces of lift and slide doors offer direct contact with nature from every spot. Each window, even the smallest and most discreet, frames a poetic detail that is worth observing.

General view of the main façade with garden and swimming pool
View on the wooden lift and slide doors of the main facade of Villa Costa Smeralda
View of the living area with sliding doors in oak
View of the living room of Villa Costa Smeralda with two sliding doors on the back wall
View of the entrance with pivot doors
External view of the vertical pivot covered with corten-effect cladding
External view of the pivot door with corten effect aluminium cladding
Internal view of the vertical pivot door with two fixed side windows

The rooms feature a very rare harmony of spaces and colors. The terraces, which perfectly reproduce the fluid movement of the interiors, overlook the garden, the pool and the sea, in a game of panoramic views and landscapes that will never tire.

View of the external porch with sliding door in oak with four closed sashes
View of the four-sashes sliding door with low rail
View of the four-sashes sliding door with low rail
Sliding doors in oak wood of the main façade with custom wooden brise soleil
View of the porch at sunset with lift and slide doors in natural effect oak
Detail of a lift and slide with custom wooden brise soleil
Lift and slide with two wooden sashes
Detail of a fixed window in the living area
skyline minimal frames and villa costa smeralda

If we had to choose the most representative opening of the villa, it would certainly be the lift and slide of the living area. With a width of 8 meters and all 4 sliding sashes, it allows you to shape the opening that best suits your needs at the very moment. The sashes, appearing as real transparent walls, slide smoothly on low guide tracks; small handles with satin chrome finish are the only hardware visible on the narrow frame in “natural effect” oak.

For two of the bathrooms, a window with an internal cladding in aluminium was designed which, placed in the shower, resists humidity and direct contact with water. The aesthetics of Skyline Minimal Frames collection remains unaltered, elegant and minimal by definition.

Detail of the open four-ashes wooden sliding door
Detail of the closed four-sashes wooden sliding door
View of the bathroom with sliding doors with internal aluminium cladding
View of the secondary bathroom with aluminium-clad patio door
Lift and slide with two sashes in the bedroom of Villa Costa Smeralda
Evening view of the main façade with lift and slide openings and Skyline doors
Detail of the main façade with vitrum-effect patio door and sliding door with brise soleil
Evening view of the porch with lift and slide doors in oak with two and four sashes
Evening detail of the main façade with patio door and sliding door