Cover image of Villa Roma with fixed windows in white lacquered wood
fluid space and landscape perception in a historic district of rome

Villa Rome presents itself in all its essentiality at the very first sight. The living area features a large open space with white walls and ceiling, light-colored larch parquet floor and a few pieces of furniture in natural colors, skillfully dosed and arranged. The style of every detail is influenced by the light and the open space, thus introducing contemporary yet timeless language of design.

The living room and the dining area, formerly divided into many small rooms, are rendered airy by the fluidity of the renovated spaces and the presence of large windows and glazed surfaces. The walls appear like white canvases, from which the primary elements emerge: among all, the minimalist staircase that stands out at the center of the space and evolves through a decisive and free gesture, with a strongly graphical character.

View of the open space with lift and slide door in white lacquered wood and horizontal pivot window
View of the dining area with white lacquered lift and slide
skyline minimal frames and villa rome

Each Villa Rome window represents a continuation of the wall, a thin thread that separates the room from the landscape and imperceptibly frames the splendid view of the park’s greenery. The pure white colour of the walls is taken from Skyline Minimal Frames collection of windows and doors. In this case we can see windows in spruce timber version with a lacquered finish. The profiles of large glazed surfaces in the living area help to sculpt the space and make the passage between the inside and outside as discrete as possible.

Horizontal pivots and other casement windows hence dialogue with the furniture creating an ordered space dedicated to separate areas for distinct functions. The window with vasistas opening, a transparent screen above the desk in the bedroom, is an example.

View of the open space with horizontal pivot window
View of the bedroom with a white lacquered transom window

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